High complexity

You will see that flexibility and creativity are keywords when complex or individual transport tasks are to be resolved. We will find a solution, regardless of whether it is particularly sensitive products which you must transport or if access conditions are complex. And of course we have full control over all documents so that no time is wasted in the process.

Especially sensitive products

Who do you contact if your research project suddenly has a transport task which consists of moving 250 medical samples from A to B within the next 6 hours?


Vendelbo Spedition has special equipment for transporting sensitive medical articles and samples which place special demands on temperatures and monitoring. In this way your requirements for quality and safety during transport will be satisfied.


Difficult access

How do we ensure the transport of a decorating solution in Stockholm, where there is only very limited accessibility and time constraints?


No task is too complicated for Vendelbo Spedition. Delivery in places with complex access in narrow streets with time constraints requires a great deal of flexibility and creativity by our drivers who schedule the delivery in advance so that waiting time is avoided.


Climate security

Who can fulfil the requirement that the temperature stays between 15 and 25 degrees during the entire transport?


Vendelbo Spedition’s special transport trucks with climate control ensure that products with special requirements for product and ambient temperature arrive without suffering damage during transport.



Across the border quickly...

How interesting is it for you to know that your forwarder has employees who possess special skills in preparing customs and insurance documents for complicated shipping tasks?


Your deliveries will always arrive on time, because proper conduct is a value embraced by Vendelbo Spedition. Our forwarders take pride in filling out customs and insurance documents correctly in advance so that the driver makes it through customs quickly at the border.



Heavy, long, wide...

Who can handle the transport of machinery that weighs more than two tonnes and has a value of more than DKK 6 million?


Vendelbo Spedition has the right equipment so that you can transport expensive, heavy, long or wide freight which cannot be transported in a normal manner. We also always obtain the necessary authorisations and permits.