Perfect timing

Time is money. It is essential that you as a customer are not sitting at the other end waiting for delayed goods. That is why we do whatever it takes so that everything is in order from the start and until the time of delivery which we have agreed with you.

Avoid waiting time

What does it cost when you have 4 fitters are standing round waiting for materials?
Time is precious and fitters don’t come cheap. Vendelbo Spedition ensures that materials or equipment will arrive at the agreed time - every time!

Marking time

Who can ensure an accurate delivery time for building materials so that it meshes with the time when the contractor is ready to receive?
Machine time and wages are expensive when buildings are constructed That is why Vendelbo Spedition ensures that the building materials are on-site at the agreed time so that work does not grind to a halt.

Keep the wheels spinning

What does it cost if a production facility stands still, because spare machine parts are missing?
When production equipment breaks down, Vendelbo Spedition ensures that efficiency is optimised, because the delivery of spare parts will arrive at the agreed time.

The ship must set out...

Can you expect that your carrier will pick up and deliver ship provisions at a specific and agreed time?
Vendelbo Spedition offers to deliver goods at an absolutely specific time so that it fits with the customer’s planning.