Secure handling

When you have special challenges, we do everything in our power to overcome them. We regard the transport of bulky, delicate goods and special equipment precisely as a challenge. We have lots of safety equipment already, but if you have goods that require special handling, we will also develop special solutions in collaboration with you.

No-damage delivery

How important is it that furnishings and counter tops arrive and are delivered on-site in completely undamaged condition?


VVendelbo Spedition’s careful handling of goods means that damage to equipment is avoided, and the recipient can use the delivered goods right away.


Bulky goods

Who can ensure the shipping of 65 dental chairs in connection with a delivery in Stavanger?


One of Vendelbo Spedition’s core competencies is the secure delivery of bulky goods, even across long distances.


Delicate goods

Why is it important that your forwarder secures your sliding doors, glass walls or furniture with special equipment during transport?


Vendelbo Spedition’s trucks are equipped with special safety equipment so that delicate goods and material arrive undamaged. If you have special needs, we will gladly develop new solutions in collaboration with you.