Geared for difficult tasks

 To and from Scandinavia


Vendelbo Spedition is a modern transport and freight forwarding company that primarily provides services to and from Scandinavia. Over the years, the company’s speciality has evolved into becoming a freight forwarding company that is able to resolve transportation tasks that are a bit more complex. That is to say, tasks that require special care, insight and understanding from both the receiver and sender as well as of the products that are to move from A to B.

This is done through...



Perfect Timing

As a customer, you will not experience having to stand around and wait for delayed goods. We do whatever it takes to secure that everything is in order right from the start up to the delivery time we have agreed with you.

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Secure handling

We do everything in our power to handle your special challenges. If necessary, we also develop special solutions in cooperation with you.

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High complexity

You will experience that our flexibility and creativity mean that we always find a solution, regardless of whether you need to transport especially sensitive goods or if access conditions are difficult.

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Responsible service

We make sure you receive quick and efficient service, because you will always interact with the same contact person. And our freight forwarders as well as our drivers conduct themselves properly in relation to what we say and do.

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Vendelbo Spedition was founded in 1971 by Kai Bundgaard Madsen, who as board member still works in the company on a daily basis.

Since January 2006, we have been located in a modern office and warehouse building on Sprogøvej in Hjørring. We are located next to motorway E39, exit 3 in the direction of Hjørring C.

The company currently has more than 70 very competent employees, who all work hard to meet your requirements and needs.

You can meet and contact our employees here.

The executive board consists of

Jesper Bundgaard Madsen
Managing Director · Co-owner

Karsten Jørn Meier
Director of Traffic · Co-owner
Flemming Gregersen


Vendelbo Spedition delivers solutions for all types of transport and transport-related tasks 24/7 and the work is based on strong underlying values.


Flexibility · Creativity · Determination · Proper Conduct · Courage

5 keywords that define Vendelbo Spedition’s underlying values. As a customer of ours, you will experience these values in the way we resolve and prioritise tasks, in our operations, in our service and in our communication.



Vendelbo Spedition sees possibilities instead of limitations, and we approach all your challenges with an open mind. We use our high level of competence to achieve goals, and we quickly change direction to accommodate your immediate transport needs – also when your need is out of the ordinary.


At Vendelbo Spedition we dare to think outside the box when your needs are to be met. This means that we not only contribute with initiatives and possible options for all tasks and challenges, we also implement them.


Vendelbo Spedition loves challenges and has the determination to overcome them. You will experience that we do not allow ourselves to be limited by the doubt of others, because all our actions are controlled by positive thoughts. Cooperation is the key word when we go the extra mile to achieve the goal with your difficult tasks.

Proper Conduct

Vendelbo Spedition shows mutual consideration, for you as well as your tasks. We conduct ourselves properly in what we say and do. We run a tight ship, our vehicles and equipment are in order, and we drive properly in traffic. And most importantly for you: We treat you and your goods properly.


Vendelbo Spedition dares to raise the bar and act accordingly. We expand our skills and working areas for your benefit. So we dare take on your challenges – regardless of how difficult you think they look.